Posted on November 19th, 2010 at 11:15 pm by peter

okay so I’m writing this big long story that’s a few thousand words and I got tired so I wrote this. I’m not planning on it winning a hugo so don’t worry about it lol.

Every day, there was a pianist, who lived in a hotel in New York City. Every day at about 6 in the afternoon he would leave his little apartment and walk to his job in an unimportant restaurant a couple minutes away.

At about the same time, there would be a little known taxi driver who would be going through the same street every day, to try and give rides to everyone taking the night shift. He would stop and let a little old baker cross, then continue on his way.

And there was that little old baker who lived on nameless street. Every afternoon, a woman with 2 children would come in, buy a croissant, then leave for work.

On the same street on which the woman with 2 children would get a package for her work, go across the street and buy a croissant from the baker, then she’d deliver the package to her work.

In the same city there was a delivery truck driver who would get a few packages from the friendly man with a beard, he would drive around the city delivering packages and would always remember to deliver to the woman with two children.

At the same delivery service, there would be a friendly man with a beard, he would get a few packages and he would put them on the trucks and send them off to their destinations.

Living in the same apartment as the friendly man with the beard, was his roommate. He was the jolly sort of fellow with a good girlfriend who he loved very much.

A few blocks down the street was a girlfriend. She would go to class all day and study all night. She was determined to succeed in life.

Of course eventually determined people succeed correct?

One day, the girlfriend got a letter that said she was accepted to her favorite university. She quickly packed up her life and left. Deciding that she can’t bring her boyfriend, she ended their relationship.

A few blocks down the street there lived a roommate who had just had his life crushed. He took his friend with the beard and went clubbing to sooth his troubled heart.

But that turned out to not be such a good idea, because the friendly man with the beard got a little too drunk and got to work late. As a result, all of the delivery trucks ran a little late.

The delivery truck driver made up a little time, but he didn’t get to the woman with two children’s hours until late.

The woman with two children didn’t get the package until around the time the bakery was closing. She ran across the street and got there just as he locked the door.

The baker locked the front door just as a the woman with two children came up behind him. She asked him if he could let her in but the baker refused since he had already thrown out the scrap food.

The taxi driver got to the same traffic stop as usual, this time he didn’t see the baker anywhere so he didn’t stop. He kept driving and got to the next intersection just a few seconds early. He bent down to get a bag of chips from under the seat.

The pianist stepped into the road as he always did, he stepped into the street, he looked to his left and saw a taxi cab coming towards him, he froze. “Stop!” he said, but to no luck. The taxi kept coming towards him. He turned around and made a beeline back to the sidewalk, but he the taxi was coming to fast. The pianist slipped and fell. With the taxi bearing down on him and the driver utterly unaware there was nothing to do. The pianist held up his hands, as if it would ease the pain to come.

“Taxi” yelled someone on the sidewalk. The taxi cab driver heard what always come as bliss to a cabby’s ears, and screeched his car to a halt. The pianist was saved, he got up and went on his way. The cab driver went on his way, having recently earned a new customer, and the woman with 2 children who unknowingly saved someone’s life that day.