poetry with boogers
Posted on February 7th, 2008 at 6:13 am by peter

poetry is a lie! it is just a few words jumbled together to look pretty! they make it this way so that you will first get into it with good so called “poems” and then when they hit you with the bad ones you see that they are good and that you should not just think a “poem” is bad cause it has boogers in its name.

the government lied about this. ya i just wanted to get that strieght.

(elevator music)

limited food supply
Posted on February 6th, 2008 at 6:17 am by peter

see the rumor is that when you eat a lot of food you get fat. but do you? i mean has anyone actually eaten a lot of food? see this is a government lie. see they dont have a lot of food so to prevent you from eating a lot they say your gonna get fat. it is incredably clever. i hope none of you shall ever fall under this lie! eat a lot! see what happens!

see with the limited food supply they could just tell you they have little food and get you to eat less, but they instead invade and take other countries food. it is just more fun to spend $462,455,240,110 in another country. and you wondered where our economy goes.

now most of you will not believe me just because this sounds really stupid. i mean what government would lie to thier people to invade another country? the answer is most likely anciant mars, but who really cares about them anyway.