the manacocker
Posted on September 27th, 2007 at 2:58 pm by peter

what is a monicocker?

a monicocker is a blue elephent native too sweden. yay!
a monicocker is about 14 feet tall and can stand on his hind legs. they are usually boys because a girl is weak and can be beaten in duals very easily.

the famous manacocker

what do i do if i see a monicocker?

 if you manage too come across one than you have two choices. you can run for your scronny little life or you can challenge it too a legendary shot bunny easter sunday!(show buns east sun)

 if you win you get 1 mill in burgers but if you lose you become a goat and die!!!

how do i find and beat a manacocker in a dual?

first you need too perform the ritual of the ninth babydoop. too perform it you need two thousend bananas and a squirt gun. first build a cool shack with the bananas. when you finish the shack you need too wait for 23 hours and 57 seconds. when a invisable force starts eating your shack squirt it with the squirt gun. it will become visable and totaly under your command. do this 1056 times and you havecompleted the ritual. now you should have 1057 babydoops on your side. good for you. now you are ready too challenge a manacocker. now all you need too do is find it…

The only known place too find a manacocker is in sweden. go to the doggy inn house in stockholm and speak too doggy do little. he will direct you too the temple of the flying turtle. now the temple is too high too go to and live so the doggy do little will take you too a military outpost in atlantis. from thier you have too launch a nuclear missile at the temple knocking it out of the air. now drive too where it landed and get a book called you say patatoe i say patatoe. it is spelled incorrectly but that is how it is spelled. now take a branch from the tree of two brains directly 200 steps north of the present book. use the branch to slash the book in half and you will find the legendary manacocker!!!

now you must challenge the manacocker too a dual. that is the simple part. flick its right ear 56 times. it will yell at you too clean your room. say no and it will eat you. say yes and it will go back too space and never come back. so say neither. instead say i call fourth the legendary apoo nahasapenapetalon. the manacocker will take this as a threat and accept your challenge.

now how do you beat it? simple, run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the babydoops wil hold him of while you run for safety.thier is almost no chance they will you need too help them. in order too do that you need 50 demon calfus. how do you get them? simple, kill 1 of the babydoops and they will come. they will cheer on the babydoops.that will give the babydoops a they fight for 20 minutes plus 10 min of comercial. now after that time only the ninth babydoop that you summoned will be alive. kill it. the demons will get mad at you for killing the babydoop and kill the manacocker. yay. now all the demons will explode in to 1,000,000 cheese burgers. yay. you won

if you did one of the things wrong you are a goat and you are sacraficed too the manacockers girlfriend. yay.

you should wake up in a big blue house. this is the home of you and you alone. you may not leave. you may never leave. you are stuck here forever.have a happy eternity.


Thank you for this valuable study in Manacockers.

Comment by mister bean — September 27, 2007 @ 9:02 pm

i found a manacocker the other day and now i am a goat!

Comment by guy — October 4, 2007 @ 7:24 am

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