good house keeping
Posted on June 23rd, 2008 at 6:38 pm by peter

to keep a good house you need to write it, then publish it before you meanie face jr aunt cant steal it! which she will! she will slowely earn you trust…. then she will steal it! she will steal it like a person who cant write a good metaphor/simile! she will urge you to drop out and become one of those people who can see the future! like a sorta oricle thing. LOL, which she needs to be taught to do……  but then you realize you really cant see the future and you quit to be a airline pilot. then your sorta thankful for the whole write brothers thing cause they gave you a job. so you build a time machine to go into the past and thank them. then you realize your pretty smart and you become a scientist. and you realize that you didnt really need the write brothers. so you destroy your time machine as you dont need it anymore.  then you realize thats the only thing you could make. you fail as a scientist and you go poor and die of a alien attack. the attack lasted 4 years though. that means if you had your time machine you could have went back in time and told yourself that you could have saved mankind. lucky all the lesbians survived.

so you can thank your aunt for killing all men. then thank whoever let women have babies with other women. then thank me with a gift basket of minimuffins for warning you.

my address is 1600 penselvania AVE

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