stupid story 1
Posted on September 27th, 2007 at 3:24 pm by peter

one day in china…

one day in chinatown thier was this one chinese leader named ollie tabooger. ollie was bored after losing 8000000004 red pandas to a manacocker. he decided to make a army of giant cats to conquer sweden now conquering sweden was no easy task. first he would have to ask thier lunch(the dog(or as they would say the overlord of cats)if they could borrow some cats). so he went to his dining hall and asked his lunch if he could burrow some cats to attack sweden. the dog said “if you beat me in ping pong i will let it be done”. ollie said “ha! little do you know that i am the world champion in ping pong!”said ollie. so they went to  the national ping pong hall in the dwarven mountains to play ping pong. but when they got their they discovered that the dwarves were defeated by the cyclones! so they summoned the power of thor to smite those who go against them! so the conquered cyclones joined ollies army and they played ping pong. 


the match!

no one actually cares about the match so i will just skip it. the dogs one 8004 to -34000. so since 34000-8004=25995 they got 25995 cats. yay. then the chinese ate the dogs and took the rest of the cats. now they were ready to invade sweden! they moved thier army into position  when suddenly a huge army of giant pig came from venus and attacked their 400000000004 cats. the cats fight hard but the pigs are too strong! the cyclones are now ollies last hope. the cyclones pull out thier guns and started shooting down all the pigs. but the pigs were too great in number! the cyclones ran. they ran all the way to tralfamador where they mated and started a new race of tralfamadoreons. now back on earth ollie was selibrating his victory while playing ping pong and hopskotch. YAY OLLIE!

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