The aunt without a shift key
Posted on October 12th, 2008 at 12:25 am by peter

One day in a land far far away(from you, really near me) thier was a aunt who ate toads, but one day……

ok never mind iv decided that was a pretty boring story. Who really cares about a aunt who eats toads? and what is the difference between a toad and a frog? So instead i will tell you about the aunt who was overly obsessed with using Shift key.

So thier was this aunt who like using the shift key…. then one day as she was typing a good housekeeping story that she stole from her nephew she heard a slight crack from behind her. She spun around, but found only the wall(or whatever is behind her when she types) thier. When she returned to the computer she gasped in horror as she realized her shift key was missing! “Oh the pain! the ironic pain that I, being such a meanie attempted to force my nephew to use proper capitalization before losing my own shift key! Now he will know me for the fraud I am cause I will no longer be able to capitalize!” she searched the room quickly. When she failed to locate it thier she searched her apartment/house. When she failed in her desperate attempt to find it she expanded the search! She called 911 but they just said they were not going to help with such a stupid crime as a lost shift key. “no one even uses them anymore. Capitalization is a lost art, like paying your nephews for no other reason then they make great stories.” she then tried to say that the shift key had been a anciant artifact she had dug up a year before from the grave of einstien. It worked at first, but then they realized someone as smart as einstien would not use a shiftkey. She searched and searched and searched the world over, twice. Untill finally she decided to do the last thing she could possibly do. The last plan of action. Plan f, it would have been plan A but she was not smart enough to think it up prior to this moment. So she ran down to northcarolina <–actually she took a bus) and she ran into her nephews house while he was sleeping. She found his laptop and she ripped the keyboard off it. Then she ran back to her little hole in NYC and glued the shift key onto her laptop. She breathed a sigh of relief as she sat back into her chair and started typing her next boring story which may be sold although i doubt she will pay 10% to her nephew like she promised(in her head).

Some may say that this story is a lie and it didnt actually happen. But see part of it already did. Thats why im up at 2 in the morning, im waiting here for her, im willing to defend my shift key with my(insert thing your willing to give up here). Why else would I bother to write this boring story, which by the way, I used capslock on. Not one capitalized letter was capitalized with the shift key. Hows that for irony eh? And why is it called irony? Steel is better. It should be called steelony. Or since I realized that it should be peterony. Now who doesnt like the sound of that?

568 words! (these included). ouch

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