the fullkeyboard…. of death
Posted on February 6th, 2008 at 6:02 am by peter

one day ug was writing a story on the bus ride home with his full keyboard cellphone. he thought of how the indians used the old number pad to type storyss for thier website. then out of nowhere the meaning of life jumped out and punched him in the stomach. then he kicked ug in his small kidney. now u may think that that is just a stupid story so he changed what the book said. just like they changed how alexander the great died. i mean we all know he was poisoned! why would the government honestly think we would believe that! ug was infuriated by this. so ug organized a million man march on parliaament. unfortainently he planned it on november 5th and they thought he was guy fox teaming up with naruto to destroy parliment and retake the nile while stopping the first bowl of noodles from reaching where they are going. this just made himself realize how much better he looks then inuasha(i think i spelled that right). but then the fsm came down and the native englishmen  in parliament thought he was buda and gandalf morphed together in a sorta twisty boomboom.  they attacked the fsm but he fought back with his hords of bicycles that he stole from santa! now ug was already in another magical land they call yeman.  now you may think this is all random but its not! cause in a few more moments ug is going to realize what he has been missing out on and go back to the us to breach the hallway of freedom formally known as the atlantic ocean but renamed cause the us could cause they are really strong yet not strong enough to fight another country. but since no one ever tried no one will ever know…………….. anyway……………..

ug had to convince bush that england was bad. so ug went up the steps of the white house and streight to bush and said “britain has wmd’s! and thier gonna use them against us!” bush said “no they dont thats a lie! but who cares! prepare for war!”!!!!,!!!!!<!!!!!(!!!)>

then hillary clinton walked in and bush left office for good. ug said the same thing to clinton. clinton said” prepare for nuclear war!”. and it was like boom boom boom end of the world boom. now see what clinton will do! you should be ashamed!

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I love it peter.

Comment by McKinley — April 26, 2008 @ 7:37 pm

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