ug vs godzilla
Posted on December 22nd, 2007 at 8:57 pm by peter

One day ug was jumping on the trampoline when all of a sudden, the ground starts to shake. And you know how it is. When something jumps of a trampoline as someone gets down from a jump the someone goes really high. So a meteor hits the trampoline and ug goes so high he starts expanding. Then he starts going back down. And on the way down he sees what is making the ground shake. Godzilla is fighting the British air force! As they charge so bravely into battle. He sees a single plane get knocked down to the ground. It hits the ground and blows up and the battle is over. Now he is thinking well I am going to beat Godzilla! I am going to beat him at his own game!

Now if you did not know, Godzilla is Japanese. So when Godzilla leaves wherever they are, (and to satisfy your hunger to find out where they are we will say Atlantis). Ug spends the next 3.37 days practicing Godzilla’s own game. Then he goes to Japan. He challenges Godzilla to his own game in a cool yet unknown way. Godzilla accept and they head to the arena. The judge steps onto the field and says that there are three rounds, each based on Godzilla’s own game. First round, each contestant must make 1thousand paper cranes while blindfolded. “ready, set, go!”. So they start making cranes. After 3.5 minutes they both are up to 998 cranes when godzilla realizes he might lose he starts throwing cranes at ug in a attempt of cheating, but since they make over 3 a second by the time the first one gets to ug he has won. Yay ug! Second round, each contestant must convince a American to try sushi. Ug is American so thinks this is easy, but the problem is ug will not eat one himself. So while godzilla is making his American beg for some ug is trying to convince himself to eat one. Godzilla wins credibly. Third round, each contestant must successfully stop a meteor from hitting earth. Ug laughs at this. He takes out his portable trampoline and waits. He thinks he is gonna win. But then he realizes godzilla is taller and will swat it away before it can get to him. So he says to godzilla “hey u big and meanie! Ya you. I am gonna beat you with my magic trampoline see it can swat away everything that goes within 1light year of earth!”. Godzilla panics and throws the trampoline into space. It hits Jupiter hard enough it falls back into a mars which explodes destroying everything in the galext but venus, earth, the sun and Uranus. (it actually does destroy Uranus but the gods bring it back cause its name is funny)

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