ugs marbel dual to death!
Posted on October 3rd, 2007 at 6:50 pm by peter

ok so one day thier was this guy names ug. he was a guy. he loved to play the worst games like cricket and marbles. so one day he was walking around playing with his little penguin friends. then he goes to one of his friends and said “i challange you to a marbles dual to the death!” and of course marbles is really hard to die while playing, so ug said “hmmmmmmmm. how could we do a dual to the death?” so finally he had a idea! now this is a good idea you should do this one as soon as you can! what he did was he opened a can of pepsi and left it outside. (it has to be pepsi as coke is to good and you should never have to waste one). so he left the opened can of pepsi outside. he went to bed after that. when he woke up he went outside to find a ton of ants all around the pepsi. he quickly went and got the guy he was supposed to dual. that went to the pepsi can and ug said to the guy “ok now we are going to put gun powder into the marbles and put the marbles, with with the gun powder inside into a pot. then the guy is going to hold the pot over the ants”. but what he did not tell the guy was that the ants were normal and did not like pepsi and were trying to burn the pepsi away! so when the guy stood over the ants, with the pot, filled with marbles, filled with gun powder, the ants burned the pepsi (which is like drinkable oil) and the fire turned blue due to the pepsi, which is like poison in a can, lited the gunpowder which exploded the marbled, which made the pot really hot, which made the guy fall into the pepsi and was all like “noooooooo, pepsi is like poisoned fire made of rubber after being left out for 10,000 years!” and he accidently swallowed the pepsi which is like poisoned fire made of rubber after being left out for 10,000 years and then being drank by some crazy mexican who then kissed a canadian who peed it out after eating dairy products which since he was alergic out and could not pee so it just came out his belly button and that is pepsi which he drank and died!

And then ug shouted,”hurry! i won!”


and i am sooooooooo new to this so please forgive all the punctuation mistakes.

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That is strange and hilarious.

Comment by mister bean — October 3, 2007 @ 9:53 pm

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