It takes soooooo long to think of a good title.
Posted on January 6th, 2009 at 12:48 pm by peter

I love the fact that I can say that I own my own site. Despite the fact that my aunt actually owns it. I love when I tell people I have a website and thier like you don’t own your own site cause you don’t have a domain. Then I will go online through internet explorer cause that’s like sooooooo much better then aol or w/e and I pull up my site( and thier like all embarresed. Then thier like wtf do you put on this? Well then WTF DO I SAY?!?!!? I mean I can’t say I write stuff cause it’s typed. I can’t say I type stories cause well this isn’t A story! I can’t say I write communistic aurguments cause as a communist I have a overwhelming urge to lie to the public. So wtf do i say?

And more importantly how do I answer that and still keep this little*small pause*¬†article stylish? I don’t know what you call this post anyway? Is this just a post?!!? Is this some sort of blog?!?!!? I doubt I can tell them that cause then they will just start reading it. Maybe if I said this was my diary. Then they would not read it with me or tell me they read it. They would have to wait until they got home to read it. That might give me enough time to write a bit of boring diary stuff. Ooooooh but I should start now just in case.

January 6th

Today I figured out how to trick my friends into not reading my site and realizing it was really stupid. I did it by making a bit of stupid diary stuff. Actually I barely started to write it. I should finish writing that diary stuff now. See ya tomorow!

I would have kept going but the problem is that I started the day as today. So what if a friend looks at my site today and it said January 7th? See now you see my problem. Well actually this is only 1 of my many problems. Lets spend some time on a bit less serious problem.

Who is lets? Am I actually typing to someone? And if so who? Santa? rudolph? easter bunny? OoOoOoOoOoOh!!! That reminds me of this great joke. Ok so the easter bunny, santa and an honest lawyer are sitting at a table with 10,000$ in the middle. Suddenly the lights go out and the moneys gone. Who took it? The easter bunny! EVERYONE knows thiers no such thing as santa or a honest lawyer! Ok now you can stop laughing and please stand up. Look you wrinkled your suit! Now you will never get that oscar for best damn supporting actress of 2009.

Why did I even write this? This is a stupid little article thing! I might as well just give up and publish this stupid thing now.

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Totally happy that I can give you street cred with your friends.

Comment by Aunt Mary — January 6, 2009 @ 9:23 pm

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