Posted on August 30th, 2009 at 4:22 pm by peter

Bob thinks therefore he is. Bob is so he should be able to do what he wants. But bob can’t do what he wants because some people decided that to do what you want is to be what you feel. And feeling is but an unnecessary emotion used to blind your vision through hazy eyes and unclear definition to see what you cant do but to instead do what you see as the clear path that takes a wrong turn and hits a road block which appears to be unnecessary due to the fact that the road was perfectly fine without having to fix a few potholes. A pothole is but a hole in something we take for granted but prefer to be clear so as to identify our irrelevant and imaginary superiority over all else that is not us. US is a word used to define what we think of ourselves so as to make a group around ourselves that is like ourselves so we throw away all feelings of being without. Without is the partial opposite of being in a state of with. With what is unclear since we always forget what is WITH and only bring sight to what is without since we always think we will always be with despite always being a little bit less with then we were when you were with much. I am always WITH bob as long as bob IS. To be without bob is for bob to be not in a state of IS. Bob does what he can through me. What bob can do he wants to do as he cant do much because he is only in a state of IS when I choose to be in a state of WITH. I choose to be in a state of WITH alot.

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