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Posted on November 25th, 2008 at 1:07 pm by peter

I once had a dream. It was more like a nightmare really, but that is irrelevent. The point is that since I was a stupid kid I have always wanted to write/type some sort of thing in under 5 minutes without really thinking about what I wanted to write and I would prefer it to be published online. I have recently realized that that isimpossible so instead I will write this in under 5 minutes. It is not what I want but I am in school and i doubt I am supposed to be on this site. I also doubt georgie washington is the first president though so dont take it as a suprise. I personally hate suprises. I prefer to know if I am going to have some suprise birthday party or If I WIll finally beat the impossible quiz. I mean that thing really is nearly impossible. the only way to beat it is by bribing the site to take it off the site. It is also the only way to get a public office as a republican without bribes so I think that the site is therefore and foremost a site ruled by a communist dictator. Now some of you may say that you cant be A communist and a dictator. Well I say differently. just look in the dictionary.


Webster’s dictionary=



SEE! I knew it! you allo doubted me but I pushed threw! I won the hard fight. Like they talked about in fallout 3. That was the best game ever. I mean thier is oblivion I guess, that could probably beat it, assuming you could use mods. Cause fallout is new and has like no mods to speak of. By mods I dont mean public moderators, I mean public restroom.


Thank you for allowing me to waster a few minutes of your time on this pointless argument of truthiness.

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